Student Support

A learning environment of constructive working relationships, positive friendships, and personal responsibility are essential in the development of successful and competent young women.

Form Teachers have daily contact with their form class and may also teach them for one of their subjects. They oversee the academic progress of students, attendance and participation in activities. Two Deans are appointed for each year group providing a first point of contact for students and parents.

  • A Senior Manager has oversight of each year level and works closely with their deans.
  • Our Guidance Counsellors are available by appointment to provide support for any situation or issue our young women may face.
  • Our Year 13 students support Year 9 students to adapt successfully to secondary school with their Connections Programme which runs through Term One.
  • Our Learning Support department assists students with their individual learning needs supporting their progress to higher levels of achievement.
  • Our Career Services department provides students with information and guidance. Students can access career advice, work experience, arrange workplace learning, ITO assessment through the Gateway programme, and assistance with applications to post-school destinations.

Learning Support

Learning Support caters for individual and groups of students whose learning requires an education plan and additional support. Development in literacy skills is an important focus of our work to enable learners to progress their learning across all subjects more effectively.

Individual and class programmes are provided. Our focus is on supporting students within their regular class grouping where appropriate to do so.


Intellectual and physical development are enhanced in an environment of constructive working relationships, positive friendships and personal responsibility.

The social and psychological guidance of our young women through teenage life are essential elements in the development of competent young women.


Transition Department programmes assist students to achieve their goals for graduating from secondary school into further study or employment.