Gifted and Talented Programme (Extension - Pūmanawa)

Our definition of a Gifted and Talented Student

Gifted and Talented students are those who have above average ability and behaviours that indicate task commitment and creativity.

They perform, or have the potential to perform exceptionally (in relation to their same age peers), in one or more of the following areas: academic, psychomotor or arts and cultural, interpersonal and leadership.

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Background and Eligibility

The Palmerston North Girls’ High School Gifted and Talented Programme GATE (Extension) programme was started in 1997. It is based on the Renzulli and Reis Triad model (1982). The aim of the scheme is to provide an inclusive, formal high achievement programme at the Year  9-13 Levels. Extension opportunities are also provided within curriculum areas.

Who can enter the GATE/Extension Programme at PNGHS?

All students may opt into Extension. Students may self-nominate, or be nominated by teachers, their parents, their whānau or their peers. Each year there is an information evening early in Term 1 to outline the Palmerston North Girls’ High School GATE/Extension and Enviro School programmes.

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How do students get started in GATE/Extension - Pūmanawa?

To become involved, a student emails Dr Meikle, the GATE/Extension Coordinator and asks to join the Extension Google classroom and then fills in an application form. Students then meet with Dr Meikle to identify their strengths, passions and plan a programme for the year.

For some of our gifted and talented students, this programme caters to a range of their needs while others opt into sporting, musical, arts, dance, cultural or other academic opportunities.