The PNGHS Uniform

In keeping with our school values of respect, social responsibility and resilience, it is expected that our uniform is worn with pride.

Please remind your daughter that once she puts on the uniform she is recognised as a student of Palmerston North Girls’ High School. Our standard of dress contributes to the reputation of our school. Exceptions are not permitted. If students are poorly or incorrectly dressed their parents may be asked to collect their daughters and take them home.

Summer: Labour Weekend to Term 2

•  Regulation navy blue dress, mid calf length
•  Regulation red wool cardigan jacket, with navy stripe, monogram and zip front
•  Regulation plain black leather McKinlay shoes, either Kristen ‘T’ Bar or Molly ankle strap, or Delta laceup or or Ascent-Adela (ankle strap) or Ascent-Eve3 (‘T Bar)
•  Plain white fold over ankle socks

Winter: Term 2 to Labour Weekend

•  Regulation kilt, mid calf length
•  Regulation white blouse with Peter Pan collar
•  Regulation red wool cardigan jacket, with navy stripe, monogram and zip front
•  Regulation plain black leather McKinlay shoes, either Kristen ‘T’ Bar or Molly ankle strap, or Delta lace-up or Ascent-Adela (ankle strap) or Ascent - Eve3 (‘T Bar)
•  Black opaque tights or over the knee black socks
•  Anorak or Raincoat, regulation blue Fairydown or Exeat brands

•  Regulation red scarf (optional)
•  Black gloves (optional) - not fingerless
•  White scoop/v-neck thermal under blouse (optional)

•  Navy, front pleat skirt, mid calf length
•  White shirt with school logo
•  Red cardigan jacket from Year 11 (optional), worn under the navy striped blazer
•  Navy striped blazer
•  Red school tie
•  School regulation shoes
•  White ankle socks in summer and black opaque tights in winter
•  Black gloves (optional)

Students must change into appropriate sports wear (no shoe string tops, jean shorts, jeans or other dress pants, boxers, pyjamas) to participate in Physical Education lessons. i.e. shorts or track pants and T-shirt or sweat shirt. School shirts and stockings can’t be worn with PE gear, however, school cardigans may be.

Encourage the use of sports shoes, especially on the field in summer (prickles), during endurance training and on the tennis courts. School shoes are not to be worn for Physical Education.

Swimming gear - anything that is sold in the shops as swimwear may be worn for swimming lessons.

On mufti days a change of gear must be brought.

•  Black skirt or shorts as required by the particular sport
•  Regulation polo shirt or sleeveless top as required by the particular sport
•  Regulation school sweatshirt can be purchased from the Sports Department.

In respect of Māori students’ cultural identity, they may wear a visible taonga. The National Education Guidelines state all School Charters must recognise the unique position of Māori culture in New Zealand society. (NEG 10) Under the Treaty of Waitangi, state/integrated schools have to ensure uniform and appearance rules give Māori control over their taonga. (Youth Law)

Girls may wear one stud in each ear and one watch. The stud earring can be worn anywhere in the ear. For complete clarity - the studs do not need to be matching and girls can wear only one if they wish.

No other visible jewellery may be worn.
No facial piercings.

• Natural hair colouring
• No eyelash extensions
• No nail polish, or visible make-up

Head scarfs and long sleeves are permitted for religious reasons. These should be black, grey or navy blue without decoration. Black stockings may be worn in summer.

Advice on Uniform Care

Summer dress: Mild short cold wash, dry inside out in the shade to avoid colour loss
Kilt: Dry clean only. Washing removes the permanent crease treatment. Hang it up when not being worn.
Jersey: Hand wash or mild machine on wool cycle. Lay flat to dry.
White shirt: Do not mix with coloured clothes in the wash. Use fabric whitener periodically.
Shoes: Shoe polish makes them more waterproof and lengthens life.
Blazer: Dry clean only. Washing will destroy the garment’s construction.

Uniform Infringement

If a student is unable to wear the correct uniform she must report to the Student Centre who will refer her to the Dean who is on duty. A satisfactory reason must be given in writing to the Dean. Where possible Palmerston North Girls’ High School will try to solve the problem and assist the student by loaning them correct uniform items. The Dean will issue the student with a uniform pass.

The uniform pass:

  • Will specify the time period the student may wear the incorrect uniform
  • Needs to be carried by the student for the time she is wearing incorrect uniform
  • Will need to be ‘cancelled’ on the first day the student returns to school in correct uniform.
  • This process will occur when she reports to the Student Centre at the start of the day.

Secondhand Uniform Shop

The secondhand uniform shop is operated by the PTA. At the end of December and January a sale of used uniforms is held in the Old Gym. The date and time of the sale is advertised.