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Visual Arts

Palmerston North Girls' High School offers a broad selection of Visual Arts courses to enrich the students learning and offer varied opportunities to excel.
In Year 9 and 10 two art options are offered, Visual Arts and Visual Imaging, the former focuses on painting, drawing and printmaking, the later on design, photography and digital art processes.
The year 10 art programs explore a varity of media and looks at a range of art movements. Students can anticipate a rapid and noticable increase in their creative abilities as they extend themselves and their knowledge of art.
Year 11 is a full year concentrated program that will ensure they can acheve highly at NCEA Level 1. A range of media are taught that cover both traditional and digital media.
There are two Year 12 programs to choose from, Painting & Printmaking and Photography & Design. Both push students to achive highly and introduce new models, skills and ideas.
In Year 13, students can select Painting, Design, Sculpture, Printmaking or Photography. This is a demanding year for the art students who must produce a substantial body of work throughout the year.
A large number of students select two art subjects, but only the most capable should ever consider attempting 3 art subjects due to the the very high work loads involved.

The art department also offers Art History as a separate subject in years 12 and 13. This is a popular course for students who want to expand the boundries of their knowledge of art.

Art Staff

Jon Clarke
Art Staff
Jon Clarke
Art Teacher
Art Staff
Polly Hansen
Head of Department
Art Staff
Kate Sione
Art Staff
Penny Purdy
Arts Technician

Visual Arts Courses

Y9 Visual Imaging

Design, photography, drawing and animation option course for Year 9 students.

Y9 Visual Art

Drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture option course for Year 9 students.

Y10 Visual Imaging

Design, photography, illustration, moving image and creative thinking course for Year 10 students.

Y10 Visual Art

Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and wearable arts course for Year 10.

Y11 Practical Art

Level 1 program in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. Students will produce two panels of work for their NCEA external assessment.

Y12 Painting & Printmaking

Level 2 program, students specialise in either painting or printmaking after an introduction to both.

Y12 Photography & Design

Level 2 program, for students who enjoy photography or are passionate about design.

Y13 Design

Level 3 program of design study for students who wish to specialize and extend their skills.

Y13 Photography

Level 3 program of photographic studies including advanced software skills.

Y13 Painting

Level 3 program exploring painting techniques and effective expression through wet media.

Y 13 Printmaking

Level 3 program exploring printmaking techniques and expressive processes.

Y13 Sculpture

Level 3 program exploring 3 dimensional art. Students work with a high degree of independence developing their sculptural concepts.

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