Design & Visual Communication

“There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?”

Zaha Hadid

Design and Visual Communication (DVC) is a creative and innovative subject which allows students to use their knowledge across all curriculum areas in order to design and create solutions to both product and spatial briefs. DVC is aligned to the NZ Technology curriculum which focuses on the development of solutions that are fit for purpose in today's society. Every aspect of our daily lives involves design, from the products we use to the spaces we occupy. This allows students to think beyond the class into real life scenarios which makes DVC a very exciting and unique subject.

Students from Year 9-13 follow the design process which involves research, conceptual ideas, development and refinement to a final design. Throughout the journey students visually communicate their ideas through a range of 2D and 3D freehand drawings. These drawings explore the aesthetical and functional properties that are specialised to that brief, whilst investigating presentation, media, rendering and modelling techniques to enhance understanding to the viewer on what features their design offers. The understanding of conventions associated with the build or manufacture of these designs are not complete without working drawings. These 2D and 3D drawings are instrumentally constructed allowing students to develop a deeper knowledge of acceptable conventions used within, and associated to, the design industry. Computer-based programmes assist students in their process, but the emphasis is placed on developing a broad range of skills that allow the students to self-manage, think critically and act purposefully.

Technology Staff

Technology Staff
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Technology Staff
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