Extension Program

Extension is a co-curricular programme for students to excel and extend themselves in a range of academic areas and interpersonal skills. It is a programme for gifted and talented students to explore new areas of learning, interact with mentors and develop their talents.  Based on the Renzulli and Reis triad model, entry is open to all interested students. The Extension programme provides a range of activities for Year 9 to Year 13 students. These include CREST (Creativity in Science and Technology), Anthropology Extension, TeenAg, Tournament of Minds, ICT Extension, Manga Cosplay, English Extension, Maths Development Band and the Enviro Group.
With the help of Dr Meikle and fellow extensionites, the programme encourages students to step outside their comfort zone and reach for their goals from Year 9 to 13.
It enables students to:
  • Interact successfully with each other and the community
  • Investigate and create independently
  • Develop organisational, problem-solving and leadership skills. It is flexible in the ways it encourages students to extend themselves.
Teacher in charge: Dr H Meikle
For entry forms and/or further information, please contact Dr Meikle
Extension Writing
Extension Writing allows students the opportunity to meet and discuss writing regularly with their peers, while providing some structured stimulus for creative ideas and artistic development. Writers of both fiction and non-fiction are welcome. 
The students are encouraged to write regularly and develop a scrapbook of fragments, observations of the world and the work of others that they find inspirational. 
Workshops vary from year to year but aim to present at least one contemporary writer and offer guidance and insight into the writing process. 
Students are encouraged to publish their work and enter competitions and they are expected to produce a publication of at least six pieces for display at the end of the year.