The Languages Department at PNGHS provides the opportunity for students to study French, Japanese and Te Reo Māori. Language acquisition is based around the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. A knowledge of life, cultural traditions and civilisation of the relevant country is developed concurrently with language skills. In the senior school, students can apply under various exchange programmes available to us, to travel to France and Japan and put their skills to use studying and living with local families. Students can participate in local and regional speech competitions and cultural visits. All students work towards NCEA Achievement Standards with the top students encouraged to enter for Scholarship.

The importance of learning a second language
  • Learning a second language broadens your horizon. It leads to understanding and respect of others and their cultures.
  • Jobs may not specifically demand a second language skill but in a competitive job market, possessing such a skill can give you that "something extra", an extra asset. Listing knowledge of a second language adds interest to your CV and makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Learning a second language helps you to understand your own language better. It teaches you about grammar and sentence structure. It makes you a more effective communicator.

  • It is recognized that learning a second language improves the workings of the brain.
Languages Programmes

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